How Do I Start a Home Based Business From Scratch?

Starting a Home Based Business is not as difficult as one would assume. However, starting a Home Based Business from scratch should be done with careful planning. Just like with a “traditional” business,Home Based Businesses should be planned with attention to detail in mind. Before starting your Home Based Business, make sure that you have somewhere in your home that is comfortable where you can work from. I would suggest a spare room or maybe your kitchen table (if there is no children. Kitchens are not favorable if there’s school age children in the home). Once you’ve established where you’re going to be working from, now its time to get the necessary tools that will help to run your business.1.ComputerWhen choosing a computer, it is best that you consult with an IT person or someone who is knowledgeable when it comes to computers. I would recommend getting a computer that has at least a couple of GB’s worth of memory and about 500MB of RAM. The thing to remember is “what” your using the computer for. If you will be surfing the NET primarily, then you won’t need all that much space-but if you’re going to be doing projects that require multiple applications, then your best bet is to get a computer that can handle such tasks as running multiple programs at once. Computers are rather inexpensive nowadays. You can get decent ones from Walmart, BestBuy, and other electronics providers.2. Fax/Scanner/Copier/PrinterThis is actually a no-brainer. You can purchase all-in-one machines that will get the job done. It is vital to be able to receive and send faxes. Customers/clients will view you as professional when you have this capability.3. Unlimited Long Distance capabilitySince your running your very own Home Based Business, you will interact with people from all over the world (if your selling via the Internet) and it is vital to have the ability to communicate with people who are in different time zones. Make sure that you get “unlimited” minutes to avoid huge phone bills.4. Business CardsThere is nothing worse that you can do to yourself and to your business than to advertise your business to people and don’t have business cards to give them. This is a complete turn-off and a sign that you are not serious about your business. People are busy and do not like to wait around while you search for a pen and paper. Aaauugghh!5. Virus ProtectionMake sure that you protect your computer against viruses and hackers. Get some good protection and make sure that it stays updated.6. Bookkeeping softwareLet’s face it. Unless you really have a lot of cash on hand, you need to keep your own books. With the latest software available such as “QuickBooks”, you can pretty much get the job done in a professional manner.7. Business Phone LineThere’s nothing more tacky than making a business call only to hear kids screaming in the background. Though you’re operating your business from home, you must remember that customers expect professionalism. Try getting a separate business line. This way, when people call the business line, you can answer the phone using your business name. Remember to work from a calm and quiet location.8. Motivational Cds and BooksI cannot overemphasise the importance of motivation. The world is filled with negative people, whether its someone on the job, in our homes, news media, or news paper, there is always an abundance of negativism to influence us for the worst. A way to overcome this distraction is through positive motivational lectures/speeches. As Entrepreneurs, we all face days where we feel like giving up. Let’s face it. We’ve chosen the road less traveled. We made the decision to think “outside” of the box, in order to gain control of our financial lives. In other words, we have gone against the grain, which will always bring difficulty, controversy, and stress. Just like cars need to be re-fueled every so many miles, we, too, need to be re-fueled with positive affirmations and inspirational messages that are designed to bring out the best that’s in us.9. Tax IDDepending on where you live and/or what your business is, you will need a tax ID number. Uncle sam wants his cut, so you have to let him know that you’re in business. The great thing about running your own business is that the tax laws favor you. People who are employees get taxed before they see their paycheck, you, on the other hand, as a business owner, get to run your business, make profits, then reallocate those profits, and pay taxes on “whats left”:)10.You need a PRODUCT/BUSINESSNow that you have the proper tools, let’s get started. If you already have a product in mind, then get started with your advertising( I will speak about advertising another time). If you don’t have a product or service yet, consider Ecoquest. Ecoquest International has been around for over 2 decades and is one of the worlds largest producers of indoor air quality equipment. Ecoquest offers a turn-key business opportunity for those who are serious about owning their own Home Based Business. You don’t have to worry about products or advertising, Ecoquest provides all of the tools you need to get started TODAY. Simply visit the link at the bottom of the page and get started on the road to owning your own business.

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